Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Christopher Inn

I would like to start my blog by writing about a local hotel. The Christopher Inn was located at 300 E. Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. This hotel opened on July 29, 1963 and had an unusual architectural style even back then.

I remember visiting Columbus as a kid and have always thought it was cool to have a hotel with the same name as myself. It was also not easy to forget a circular hotel. The sad thing about remembering something so cool is when you return and it is gone. Unfortunately, this great hotel only lasted until 1988 when it was razed and replaced with the School Employees Retirement System Building. I did not return until 2001, well after it had been demolished.

Broad Street was also known as National Road and made for a great location for the Christopher Inn. There is a lot of history on the National Road that is still there, but there is a lot that is missing. With a location only a few blocks from the center of downtown Columbus, the Christopher Inn would have been a great place to build condos with the 140 guest rooms. The unique style of the building would have provided spectacular 360 degree views of the entire city.

The Bob Allen Trio was the entertainment at the Poolside Lounge every night except Sundays.

This is a little piece of history may be gone but I will not forget. I hope the loss of buildings like this makes us think about what they could be before they are gone.

Photos courtesy of flickr.com


  1. I remember the place as well, and I even have the Bob Allen Lp with the Christopher Inn graphics all over it. I stayed there a couple of times, I'm sure. I was shocked that they would remove something which could have been plucked out of the '64 World's Fair.

  2. We held my Bar Mitzvah party there on Jan4, 1967. It's one of my earliest childhood memories of what we now call Mid Century Modern architecture. the other is the now Chase Bank building on Main Street in Reynoldsburg - the one shaped like a spaceship.
    I live in Las Vegas now, and sell real estate - specializing in Mid Century Modern homes.

  3. Proposed to my wife of 46 years at the Christopher Inn in 1969. It will always hold a fond place in my heart.

  4. I was swimming in the indoor pool with my dad and brother in the mid 60's. A young man that was a guest lounge singer was swimming too. We got to talking to him. He was from Dayton. You may remember him. John Davidson was a rather well known entertainer in the 70's. I remember him being very nice and was tossing us around in the pool. Here's his web site: http://www.johndavidson.com/

  5. I just now learned of its demise--I made a point of staying there in 1970. I was enthralled with the prospect being in a place of such unique design.
    It really should have been designated a historical landmark.🇺🇸